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M/S. E.P. Joseph & Company manufactures Maize Starch Powder, from good quality maize in most modern plant under good manufacturing practice to suit the requirements of Food Industries.
Maize Starch is a mixture of polysaccharides about 74 % amylopectin and 26 % amylose.
Maize Starch is an odourless, white powder with a bland taste. Corn is one of the main sources of commercially produced starch which is the most important source of carbohydrates in the human diet
It is a fine White Powder, odorless, taste slight and useful
in Food Industry as binder, thickener.

Health Benefits

Cornstarch is a powdery food that is made from ground corn. Cornstarch can be used for a variety of culinary purposes, as it can help thicken soups and sauces, and helps recipe ingredients stick together. Although cornstarch is not usually the main ingredient of a dish, it does offer several health benefits. However, cornstarch doesn't offer a particularly diverse array of nutrients, so it isn't the best dietary choice, depending on your needs

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